Our First Blog

Once a month, we will update with a new blog on a variety of topics. Some of the topics included may be the current state of affairs in regards to pricing on a product category such as vinyl or nitrile gloves. We may write a blog on the proper way to measure a plastic bag because this can be confusing, especially when the bags come with gussets. We may choose to write a blog on a recent industry show that we attended or an upcoming show or both. We may also just give you our opinion of a particular type of product. Environmentally friendly products would be a topic that we blog about from time to time. Within the topic of environmentally friendly products we can discuss differences between composting and degrading. We can talk about various additives used to make plastic more degradable. We can discuss options for various types of environmentally friendly cutlery or we can just discuss the topic of environmentally friendly and what that may mean from various perspectives. TPPI is an importer pf goods from all over the world so we may also discuss topics related to the trade of various products or the logistics of getting those products to our customers.


Our blogs will for the most part designed to educate our readers. In some cases it will be our opinions you will be hearing and in other cases we will present facts. We hope to be able to make clear where we are coming from in our blogs so you understand our perspective and why we we have that perspective. We hope that by educating our customers and industry in general we will be assisting in helping people and companies make correct decisions.

Other Topics

We will be writing from time to time about other topics that will take less of an educational tone and will be more informational. This would include topics such as us taking on a new line of products from a manufacturer or including a new product range in our portfolio. It could be a blog about a project that we were able to complete for a customer such as a design of a new product. We hope to keep the blog entertaining and interesting.


This blog will be meant to communicate to our customers and the industry in general. We have a lot of experience and so we believe imparting some of that knowledge in the form of a blog is a way that we can provide that experience and make it available when it is convenient for our readers. We hope you agree.

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